Tobacco Glossary

99s Cigarettes which are 99mm in length.
100s Cigarettes which are 100mm in length.
120s Cigarettes which are 120mm in length.
Addiction A chronic, relapsing disease characterized by compulsive drug-seeking and use and by neurochemical and molecular changes in the brain.
All White A cigarette which is all white and has no coloring.
Adrenal glands Glands located above each kidney that secretes hormones, e.g., adrenaline.
Box Cigarettes placed in a cardboard box, often with a flip top.
Carbon Monoxide Carbon monoxide is a gas formed when organic substances burn. It is formed, for example, when wood burns, and in cigarettes when tobacco is burned. Some health authorities have associated carbon monoxide with the heart disease risks from smoking.
Carton Package containing 10 packs of cigarettes.
Cheek Hollowing The action of collapsing ones cheeks when dragging.
Cigarette Paper Cigarette paper is specially made, and influences how the ash holds together and how much air enters through the paper, thus diluting the smoke. Choosing papers of different porosity (the ability to let air through) can help in the design of low tar yielding cigarettes.
Cigar A cure cylindrical roll of tobacco leaves for smoking.
Cigarette A narrow, short roll of finely cut, cured tobacco for smoking usually wrapped in thin white paper.
Cigarillo A small, thin cigar.
Cork Filter A cigarette with a filter coloured to resemble a cork type pattern.
Craving A powerful, often uncontrollable desire for drugs.
Direct Inhale The action of dragging on a cigarette by sucking with ones lungs and not the mouth. Direct Inhale is also known as Lung Pumping.
Dopamine A neurotransmitter present in regions of the brain that regulate movement, emotion, motivation, and the feeling of pleasure.
Double Pump Taking two full drags in a row without exhaling.
Dragging Placing a cigarette between (and sealing) your lips and causing smoke to be drawn from the filter into the mouth.
Exhaling Breathing inhaled smoke out of the lungs.
Emphysema A lung disease in which tissue deterioration results in increased air retention and reduced exchange of gases. The result is difficult breathing and shortness of breath. It is often caused by smoking.
Filter A fibrous material bound to the cigarette to filter out excess amount of tar in cigarette smoke.
French Inhale Inhaling smoke that is in the mouth through the nose (and over the lips).
Full Flavor Cigarettes with the maximum tobacco taste.
Green cigarette Green cigarette, electronic cigarette or personal vaporizer, is a battery-powered device that provides inhaled doses of nicotine or non-nicotine vaporized solution. It is an alternative to smoked tobacco products, such as cigarettes, cigars, or pipes.
Holder A long tube specially designed to hold cigarettes. The cigarette is dragged from one end of the tube. Varying lengths, colors and designs.
Holding 1. The act of carrying a cigarette in ones hand. 2. The act of keeping inhaled smoked in the lungs.
Huffing The act of taking full drags and very small inhales a multiple of times.
Inhaling Breathing smoke that has been drawn into the mouth and into the lungs.
Kings Cigarettes which are 85mm in lenght (often falsely referredto as regularsor regular-size cigarettes).
King Size Cigarettes which are 85mm in lenght (often falsely referredto as regularsor regular-size cigarettes).
Lighter A fuel source instrument used to light cigarettes or other objects to be burned.
Lighting The act of igniting a cigarette by flame causing the paper and tobacco to burn. Used in combination with dragging.
Lights Cigarettes with a lighter tobacco taste than full flavors.
Lung Pumping The action of dragging on a cigarette by sucking with ones lungs and not the mouth. Lung Pumping is also known as Direct Inhale.
Mainstream Smoke Mainstream smoke is the cigarette smoke taken into the mouth when the smoker “puffs” or “drags” on a cigarette. See Sidestream Smoke.
Make Your Own A term used to describe the latest consumer trend of manufacturing cigarettes. Referrs to the filtered tubes and injectors that, along with a quality loose tobacco, allows the consumer the ability to produce a comparable, if not superior, product to a premium factory-made filtered cigarette.
Matches A sulpher tipped stick, made of paper or wood, that usually ignites when quickly struck against a rough surface.
Multiples More than either 1. cigarette or 2. exhales or 3. drags or any combination therein.
MYO Make Your Own
Nicotine The much beloved addictive substance found in cigarettes and tobacco products. Nicotine occurs naturally in the tobacco plant and is a constituent of tobacco smoke. It can also be found in other plants, but at much lower levels than in tobacco. Nicotine has mild pharmacological properties; it is thought to have a mild stimulant effect, similar to that of caffeine, and to contribute to the reduction in stress reported by many smokers. Many public health authorities believe nicotine is responsible for promoting and maintaining an addiction to smoking through its effects on the central nervous system.
Non-Filter A cigarette which does not have a filter.
Pack A twenty cigarette package.
Pumping The act of taking repeated drags on a cigarette.
Roll Your Own The assortment of tobacco-related products that allows the consumer to roll their own cigarette — cigarette papers and loose tobacco. Black Hawk Tobacco Shop offers several different types of Smokin Joes Loose Tobacco. Please contact us if you would like more information about our RYO products.
RYO Roll Your Own
Shot Gunning The act of placing the lit part of a cigarette into ones mouth and blowing, causeing copious amounts of smoke to stream from the filter.
Slim A cigarette whos diametre is narrower than a regular cigarette.
Smoke Do to all the chemicals and preservatives added to commercial cigarettes, cigarette smoke is probably one of the world’s most complex and debated mixtures. It has also been extensively studied with conflicting results depending on who is doing the research. According to British American Tobacco, tobacco, like any natural substance “contains thousands of different constituents (approximately 2,500 have been identified in tobacco). Approximately 4,000 constituents are formed when the tobacco burns, at varying temperatures with varying concentrations of oxygen. Many of these are found in very low concentrations”. What is unsure to us is whether the testing was done before or after the commericial cigarette industry processed the tobacco plant with their many diverse chemicals. Native American Tobacco contains no added chemicals. Native American cigarettes are 100% all natural. And like anything that burns, Native American tobacco products, as do commerical cigarettes, contain carbon monoxide in their cigarette smoke.
Smoke Rings The act of creating a ring of smoke on exhale.
Soft Pack A package designed to carry cigarettes that is made from a thick paper that is easier to transport but offers significantly less protection for the cigarettes contained within than does a hard pack.
Sidestream Smoke Sidestream smoke is the smoke that comes off the lit end of the cigarette. See Mainstream Smoke.
Tar A thick by product of tobacco smoke.
Tight Stream An exhale that is pushed through lips that are barely separated.
Tobacco A plant widely cultivated for its leaves, which are used primarily for smoking; the tabacum species is the major source of tobacco products.
Triple Pump The action of taking three full drags in a row without exhaling. Some triple pumps may include exhaling through the nose though.
Ultra Lights Cigarettes with a minimized tobacco taste.
Ventilation A cigarette can be ventilated to dilute the smoke, which in turn reduces delivery of tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide. All cigarettes are ventilated through the paper, through which air can penetrate, and many commercial cigarettes are also ventilated through small air holes on the filter tip. When a smoker inhales, air is drawn in through these small holes, and mixes with air drawn in through the lit end, diluting the smoke. Native American Cigarettes do not, however, use the “holes in the filters” method to produce their Light and Ultra Light cigarettes. Instead, the tobaccos used are specifically blended to attain a Full Flavor, Medium, Light or Ultra Light cigarette.
Withdrawal A variety of symptoms that occur after use of an addictive drug is reduced or stopped.

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