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Hilton Maker Demonstrates Great Earnings for 2013

hilton cigarettes
British American Tobacco (BAT) revealed greater earnings for 2013 as sales of its major brands persisted to increase and it succeeded to increase prices, even though negative exchange rate actions have affected the profit progression.

The world’s second giant cigarette manufacturer by profit after Philip Morris International (PMI) announced pretax revenue of GBP5.80 billion for the year, higher from GBP5.59 billion in previous year, as profits boosted to around GBP15.26 billion, from GBP15.19 billion, and it additionally raised margins by means of cost cutting.

Mentioning the effect of currency moves, the company stated its profits were practically plain at present rates, however would have been higher 4% if foreign currencies had continued to be stable around the year. Revenue from operations has boosted by 3% at recent rates. It was specially affected by sterling’s weakness against the Brazilian real, South African rand, Japanese yen and Australian dollar.

BAT’s story has been identical for many years: stable revenue growth as it concentrates on promoting growth of its key brands in Asia and some other growing markets and decreasing costs, compensating ongoing decreases in sales in the majority of emerging markets and in entire cigarette sales volumes.
2013 demonstrated similar results. It once again boosted the market share and volumes of most of its best selling cigarettes such as Dunhill, Kent, Lucky Strike, Hilton, Viceroy and Pall Mall. Dunhill volume increased by 9.7% and Pall Mall boosted by 4.4%, while both Kent and Lucky Strike demonstrated lower results 2.9% and 6.5% respectively.

Entire worldwide cigarette volume sales declined 2.6%, whilst cigarette volumes dropped 2.7%. On the other hand, sales of global brands expanded 2.1% and all round volume growth for the key brands constituted 1.9%.

The company representative declared that they will include the Rothmans brand to the key drive brands portfolio starting 2014. He also stated that the difficulties still remain this year, with the recovery still weak, mainly in its southern European markets. On the other hand, the pricing environment continues to be decent. “BAT persisted to operate ardently in 2013, with one more year of outstanding profits advancement and cash flow, to some extent compensated by currency headwinds. The group’s key cigarette brands also gained exceptional progress in market share and volume. Challenging trading difficulties remain a problem in several places of the world, particularly in southern Europe, however these final results illustrate that the group’s approach proceeds to provide strong revenue and dividend increase,” Chairman Richard Burrows stated in a report.

Taking into account the company’s solid overall performance in latest years, it also has an emphasis on its cash flow. Operating income increased 5% to GBP5.32 billion in 2013. Free earnings went up 3% to GBP3.37 billion.

Kent Nanotek British Amercian Tobacco

In April, 2007, British American Tobacco Russia launched Kent Nanotek cigarettes. Kent Nanotek are 83mm instead of 85mm and the diameter is 5mm compared to the standard 7mm. In March 2010, Kent Nanotek Mad its debut in Japan look.




Kent Nanotek Neo cigarettes brand was introduced by Lorillard Tobacco Company in 1952 and carried the name of the inventor of this company, Herbert Kent. Nowadays the owner of this famous cig is the British American Tobacco. Due to their excellent characteristics, Kent Nanotek Neo cigarettes win the hearts of many smokers who take care of their health, prefer everything natural and they rank fourth in the list of the most popular cigarettes worldwide. Many of you are aware of the fact that, practically all cigarettes are produced not only of pure, original tobacco, but also with the addition of different agents in order to emphasize cigarette’s flavor and taste. Nevertheless there are smoking products, which are made exclusively from pure tobacco that only elevates their dignity and worth in comparison with other smoking items, which involves different additives.

Kent Nanotek Neo cigarettes are the representatives of the first mentioned group. Without additives, a smoker can enjoy the taste of pure and naturally grown tobacco, which is what the real smoker is looking for and Kent knows that. It is not enough that they consist of natural tobacco, they also possess special filter, which is considered to be “safer” for people who smoke. Reputed for their light flavor, pleasant aroma, Kent Nanotek Neo cigarettes distinguish by the low nicotine and tar content. Developing new ideas, the manufacturer created slim-sized Kent version that differs from the previous one only by original design, while taste qualities haven’t been changed.

Today Kent cigarettes is represented by: Kent HD Futura, Kent HD Neo, Kent HD Infina, Kent Nanotek Futura, Kent Nanotek Neo, Kent Nanotek Infina. You can choose any of them, as they all are different but their pure natural essence is preserved. Buy Kent brand in our online cigarettes store at discount price and you won’t be disappointed.

Davidoff Brand


Excellence based in expertise, vision and passion is the core, the soul of the Davidoff brand. Finding and fusing quality, craftsmanship and luxury together from every corner of the world is our never-ending, dynamic quest.

At the heart of the Davidoff brand is the pleasure in life. We never cease to honor and celebrate every moment, elevating and enriching the life fully-lived with passion and intensity.


The Davidoff Style.

Davidoff’s prime focus has always been quality. Forever determined to offer the best, inspirations from all over the world are translated into products of perfection. Expertise and passion are an integral part of the development process which emphasizes the uniqueness.

Elegant understatement, iconic design and premium ingredients combined with perfect craftsmanship: these are the fundamental characteristics of all Davidoff products, which support the holistic and mobile lifestyle of today’s cultivated global citizens.



Buy Taylor Luffman
Senior Graphic Designer
Boston, MA, USA

Vogue Black and White Cigarettes

The black and white music video directed by David Fincher for Madonna’s song Vogue, inspired from the American classical Hollywood cinema of the 20’s and the 30’s, features, among numerous poses with a reference, certain smoking scenes; although there is no obvious suggestion that those were Vogue cigarettes, there certainly is some place for speculation on the matter. Why? Because Vogue cigarettes share the same stylistic inspiration and define their fashion orientation in the same cultural and lifestyle background as this hit of the ’90s. Thus, the assumption that Madonna’s smoking scenes make a hint to the brand of cigarettes Vogue would be only logical.

Vogue refers also to restoring an attitude and reinstating the beauty and elegance of a long-gone era. The interest in looks, shapes, textures and colors, flavors, scents and other sophisticates refinements, ensured the popularity of Vogue cigarettes worldwide. An astonishing number of people buy Vogue cigarettes online.

Vogue Black and White

Vogue Black and White

Vogue Black and White

Vogue Black and White

Vogue Black and White

Vogue Black and White

Best Cigarette Brands

Though there is a growth tendency especially among the people ranging from 20 to 50 years that became systematic smokers, many people still find particular pleasure in lighting up, and being one of them I couldn’t stand a side of another trend popular among U.S.A smokers – ordering cheaper USA cigarettes online. Smoking is considered a band habit because of health danger but in some countries it is considered as the status symbol. I tried many brands as there are hundreds of brands cigarette but some of them are the best one because of there high quality.

Philip Morris International and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company are no doubt the largest and the best known manufacturers of cigarettes but what are the names of those brands that have captured the market around the world.
I’d like to mention a list of ten most popular cigarette brands in the world.

1. Marlboro:
Marlboro is the leading and tobacco brand in the world. It was introduced in 1924 and since then they have become the largest selling cigarette product in the world due to its high quality cigarettes. It is manufactured by Philip Morris International and Marlboro cigarettes are available in three classic versions i.e. Marlboro Red, Marlboro Silver and Marlboro Gold. In the recent survey Marlboro was named as the highest selling cigarette in Asia, America, Europe and Africa.

Winston Cigarettes were introduced in 1954 and are manufactured by R.J Reynolds Tobacco Company. After its successful stint in United States where Winston held the 1st spot for six years from 1966 to 1972, Winston became a global and the most favorite cigarette brand among the people. They adapted the slogan “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should” which is the main reason of their popularity.

3. L&M:
L&M was established in 1953 and gradually it became one of the leading cigarette brands in the world. It is manufactured by Altria Group Inc. and it is a very popular brand in Europe, East and South Asia, Latin America and in the Arab world.

Camel cigarettes were introduced in 1913 by R.J Reynolds Tobacco Company and since then it has became a prime contender in the cigarettes market. It was once considered as strong competitor with Marlboro but gradually they witness a bit decline in their popularity but still it has maintained its position of being one of the leading cigarettes brand in the world. Camel cigarettes are very popular in USA, Japan, South Africa, Canada and other carious countries.

5. Parliament:
Parliament is another brand manufactured by Philip Morris. It was introduced in 1931 and it is notable for its recessed paper filters and its slogan “Only the flavor touches your lips.” The Parliament cigarettes are very popular in Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Israel, Kazakhstan, Montenegro, Ukraine, Russia, Japan, Turkey and United States.

6. Pall Mall:
Although Pall Mall’s history dates back to 1899 but it rose in to prominence in 2004 when it was purchased by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. It is offered in Red, Blue, Orange and Green in Hard Pack Styles and Red and Gold in Soft Pack Styles. In a recent survey in was ranked as one of largest selling cigarette brand in the world especially in Asia and Europe.

7. Dunhill:
Dunhill Cigarettes is regarded as the luxury brand of cigarettes and it is manufactured by British American Tobacco Company. Although they are priced above the average in the places where they are sold but it is still considered as one of the leading cigarettes brand in the world. They are primarily sold in Europe, Middle East, South Asia, Korea, South Africa, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia. They are also available online in United States and Canada.

8. Red & White:
Red & White is low cost cigarettes but has a pleasant quality and it is also manufactured by Philip Morris International. It is very popular among the lower middle class people and is available in various varieties. Red & White is primarily sold in Europe and Asia.

9. New Port:
Newport cigarettes brand was established in 1957 and it is manufactured by Lorillard Tobacco Company based in United States. It is offered in different varieties of menthol cigarettes and also one of the leading cigarette brands in United States and in different parts of the world. It was reported that Newport has over 50% market share of the African American market.

10. Hilton:
Hilton is also manufactured by British American Tobacco Company and their prime goal is to manufacture high quality cigarettes in low cost. It is available in two different versions i.e. Hilton Gold and Hilton Platinum and it is one of the leading cigarettes brand around the world.