State prisons allow prisoners to have a cigarette at work centers

Corrections officials quietly canceled a total ban on tobacco at prisons this summer and currently are allowing inmates to work release centers have up to 10 packs of cigarettes each.

downloadDepartment of Corrections officials say they lifted the ban on tobacco products in the programs of work release because they did not want the prisoners are so close to the end of their sentences would have to return to jail for breaking the rules .

But the American Lung Association called the move a mistake.

” I’m surprised ,” said Brenda Olsen , chief operating officer of the American Lung Association in Florida.

Olsen said her present government “set a good example” in the form of a ban or restrict tobacco use.

The switch has less than two years after the DOC did all tobacco products in closed prisons, labor camps and centers of release September 30, 2011.

“The decision to Eliminate smoking and tobacco use has been made for umensheniyameditsinskih costs associated with exposure to tobacco , and eliminate second -hand smoke non-smokers , ” the agency said in April 2011, when the ban was announced .

The ban also applies to prison workers, who can not bring cigarettes into the hall, and visitors. Those sentenced to death are allowed to buy two packs of smokeless tobacco per week.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons and more than half of the other states also prohibit tobacco in prisons nozaprety created a new demand for cigarettes, a valuable commodity in prison.

During the six-month period shortly after the Florida ban went into effect, nearly 30,000 inmates or staff were caught with a tobacco smuggling , according to the annual report Doc . The report did not say how many of the culprits were the staff, and how many of them were prisoners.

The new rules of the camp came into force on June 13 and allow about 3,800 inmates in work programs have up to 10 packs of cigarettes or smokeless tobacco or 20 cigars, as well as a disposable lighter.

Rationale: Sentenced to work release can access to cigarettes, chewing tobacco or other products while they are in society.

“The department is determined after evaluation, it was more effective use of resources is not naytizaklyuchennogo in violation , which could potentially result in him / her to go back to prison for possession of tobacco, when so far ahead in the transition back into the community , we hope as a productive citizen, ” DOC spokeswoman Jessica said Carey.

Carey said there were “quite a few such incidents,” the prisoners and sent back to prison secretly smoking or other tobacco products in the work release center, but no data was immediately available on how widespread the problem is. Prison guards and other employees also were caught smuggling of tobacco products to ensure prisoners, Carey said.

But making sure that prisoners without tobacco before they are sent home will help them live a healthier life and save their money as soon as they are released, said Olsen.

“We know how addictive tobacco products,” said Olsen. “This is a great opportunity for these people to begin their journey to the availability of smoke-free life.”

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