E-Cigarettes are banned in Canada, but smoking isn’t?

I do not pretend to know much about the electronic cigarette industry – my interest has only recently aroused while research article I wrote for the site – but I had to laugh today after reading a news site that the sale of electronic cigarettes containing nicotine is illegal in Canada, but the sale of real cigarettes is not. And apparently Canada is not the only country that’s doing this.

The advertisement, import and sale of e-cigarettes containing nicotine is banned in Canada in March of 2009. Since that time, thousands of Canadians who use them have been forced to buy them in other countries, and to send them abroad, where they can be seized by customs officials.

E-cigarettes contain nicotine cartridges are not prohibited, as well as other nicotine replacement therapies like Nicorette gum or the nicotine patch. This question set off a wave of disputes, so far, to the end.

Health Canada has not made use of e-cigarettes with nicotine illegal (yet) and gives the following reasons for this prohibition:

• Improper use can lead to nicotine poisoning

• They have not been allowed to market

• They can be addictive

• Lack of quality control

Many Canadians suspect that the ban is not because of health problems at all, but for millions of dollars in state tax revenues generated each year from the sale of tobacco products. If more people switch to e-cigarettes, less people buy the real deal, which puts more pressure on the tobacco industry. It also means that there will be less tax dollars to fill the pockets of the Canadian government.

What do you think is the real reason behind this ban? Are you as unraveled as I am about the double standard that exists here?Why would Health Canada allow the sale of cigarettes, that kill hundreds of thousands of people each year, but to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes because they believe they are unsafe? I welcome your comments, as I continue to search for answers to these questions.

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