Secondhand smoke stories

My mother was a great smoker; 3-4 packs a day. My children often stay at her house, but she refuses to stop smoking around them, she acts like she does not even care. My son had a lot of the respiratory tract, since he was born, and the more I think about it, the more I’m smoking it, even if he only sees her once a week or so. I think about it say that children can not come to her house if she quits smoking around them. But I know she gets all huffy and puffy and angry at me. But I know this is what I should do for them. Why do some people behave as they do not even care about the health of these children?

~ Amber, IA

My mother is a 14-year-old son (we are divorced) smokes in the car and at home around my son. My son has asthma and when he was with me, he is healthy. I had a “smoke-free home” to put the item in our custody order for our son in a strange judgment of divorce, but she persists in smoking around him, in any case. As a final step before taking her back to court on this I send my son to his home with a mask, that he would wear when he is with her. She tried to quit smoking, but to no avail. My son keeps it clean. I hope this will help push her out for good (or At least get her to use nicotine gum / patch when my son was with her).

~ Patrick, Calif.

I have three daughters step. My husband has full disposal of the girls, but they have the right to visit their mother. Our home is smoke-free environment, but it is not. She and her husband, like smoke, and allow others to smoke in their house too. The girls there every second weekend, and although every smoker in the “back room”, as they are, children are still exposed. I tried to say “mama”, that only lasts a cigarette in the room for a long time, but she said it was her house and she will do what she wanted. These 3 girls have allergies and who have severe asthma. I am angry at the fact that some parents just do not care, and even more upset that no law was passed in my state that would classify this as child abuse.

~ Kristi, AR

My mom smokes to anyone she wants. I try to stop it, but it is useless, it just yell at me. So I’m not trying to ask her to stop.

~ Veronica, in

My ex-husband and I divorced when our son was 1 year. While smoking is not allowed in our house and my son’s health was good. After we divorced, my father resumed smoking, and that’s when problems with their ears, my son started. My son is 3 years and is now on its second set of ear tubes and he was anodes removed. My son is sick, when he goes to his dad’s, he always returned with ear infections. (Also, his dad, who smokes, there are 3 more people living in the house who smoke too) My son has a mild hearing loss in left ear. I know that smoking is. Solid evidence that proved was in October last year. October 23, my son has been hearing and tubes were open and clear, November 2, he went to his father during the week. November 13th was his next hearing test and he returned home, saying that his ears were flat and the next test said that the fluid in his ears again. His father did not stop, I need help! I do not know what to do!

~ Stephanie, OH


My aunt and uncle smoke in front of his child. I tried and tried to stop them. The doctor now wants to have a child and adenoid tonsils removed. They still do not believe this is due to passive smoking.

~ Robbie, Alabama

My mother smoked all – even when she was pregnant with me and my dad just recently started smoking. I can not! I can not breathe, it makes my nose hurt, I cough and I feel awful. I play football, and I have to stop all the time, because I can not breathe. This not only affects me, hurt me, my brother, too. Why do they smoke when they know that hurts us? How can she tell us not to smoke, and she sits there blowing smoke in your face? And why should not she be smoking in my room, but smoke in the living room?

~ Jessica, North Carolina

My mother smokes and seems fine, but I think that if she stopped she feel much better about myself. All of her friends smoke, and I kid with them about how they kill me, tobacco smoke, but they just told me to somewhere else. I really want my mom to quit smoking! sorry, that one day she wakes up and says to her: “Hey, it’s bad for me because my children and I think I will.”
I really want to quit smoking. It brings tears to the eyes, to hear the real stories of people who lost their loved ones from tobacco! I want to understand it!

~ Megan, North Carolina

I grew up with parents who smoke cigars and cigarettes. Since I was a head injury, I have a head and a headache at home where someone smokes. I live in an apartment attached to a smoker. Its smoke comes into my house through the walls – I’m in hell!

~ Rosemary, CA

My mother has smoked since she was a teenager. Almost every morning she wakes me up almost coughing her brains. Why do people smoke? I really do not feel sorry for her, but deep down … it could end up if she really wanted.

~ Amanda, NC

I grew up with smoking parents, so I know how to live with a smoker affect the child’s health and self-esteem. For me, it seems that his father was a drug for it is more important than the health of his family, and I still have asthma and allergies, which worsened when he smoked around me. I also worked as a reference technique, and I heard similar stories from many family members who have sadly watched a loved one dies from smoking-related diseases. I was in a hospital from providing treatment to patients who insist on smoking in hospitals, even with the oxygen in their rooms. Now my asthma and allergy are controlled with medication, but I must be on guard, where I’m going to avoid the repertoire of reactions that occur when someone is smoking next to me. We can not go to many places that we would like, because smoking is permitted, and my husband and I will not bring their children to these places. Business owners often tell us that they will not ban smoking because they will lose business, but we know that many people feel as we do, and I do not see the lack of business in any of the places that do not allow smoking in present. When we decided that he could not return to the place because of smoking, then make sure that management does not know why we do not return, and hope that anti-smoking laws will allow us to enjoy the freedoms that smokers do now. This is not just a personal preference to me or my family, but the question of our health.

~ Sarah, North Carolina

My dad and mom smoke, and sometimes I have trouble breathing – every time I try to tell them that it’s worse for me, the smell of smoke, they do not care. Why do you people smoke? I can not stand the smell, and you, and even I might die because of their mistakes. Remember that it’s never too late to quit smoking. Take a stand and let people know that you do not smoke, and you’ll live longer now!

~ Sarah, North Carolina

I hate when I go to a restaurant to eat, and by your side there is a person to smoke! It makes me feel like I’m going to quit!

~ Avery, DE

Please do not smoke around your children. It will affect their health for a lifetime. I am an adult child from a previous smoker, and I can say that I think has done for my health and my brother. My mother smoked three packs a day until I was about 3 or 4. I think it smoking causes my brothers and sisters recurring bronchitis during our childhood, and that it has something to do with my many allergies, asthma, and my little sick as I was a child. In addition, to support what this site says about the ear tube, my brother and I both ear tubes inserted in his childhood – as our ear troubles were never really cared for as children, we are still struggling with these problems.

~ Chris, Arizona

One day, my granddaughter, Brittany, and I went to eat at our local house of waffles. We always sit under the fan, so if someone comes in and smokes, it will not be on our way. A couple came in and sat on the bench behind. They were only there a couple of minutes, and the lady lighted a cigarette and started smoking it. It really upset Brittany. Brittany lady tapped on the shoulder and told her: “I have asthma, and cigarette smoke really bothers me, because I have asthma.” The lady said she was sorry for Brittany, and she put a cigarette! At this time, Brittany was only three years, she was five years old. This shows that if you teach a child about their asthma and how serious it is, they will know what to watch. Oh yes, its Waffle House does not allow people to smoke in it.

~ Teresa, North Carolina

I’m so stressed with my father to my daughter. My daughter has asthma, but it still continues to smoke around her. His clothes / apartment / car smell so bad. He refuses to admit that it smells, and that he poses a threat to our children. Has anyone been in this situation? And if so, what are you doing? I have a doctors’ reports show that each time she returns home from her father she was ill. Do I need to prosecution in court to show that it is detrimental to it?

~ Samantha, Arizona


Samantha from Arizona, I know how you feel.

~ Kimberly, Florida

I know that the health effects of tobacco smoke, and I am actively working to eliminate smoking in restaurants, bars, private clubs, public venues and all the jobs in our city and region. We, in the rest of the country, which is slower this type of activity, to assess, for example, in California you have installed. It is also useful in determining the steps needed to get the results you are lucky enough to have received. Thank you.

~ Franklin, Colorado


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