Quit smoking stories

Let me introduce myself: My name is Angel, I’m 65 years old. I am writing you from Chile, where I was born (1940). I worked as a fisherman from 1958 to 2003, the year in which, in connection with the injury in my spine, I had to get out of the sea, so that I love.

In 1958 I started to smoke, and I will never leave, except for a couple of times when going fishing on the high seas, and in connection with the flu. I remember throwing a cigarette on the side of the sea … and then to arrive at the port to run frantically buying and smoking cigarettes one after another without interruption. So, I guess I have to smoke for at least 500,000 cigarettes. What is crime!

Thank God, until I have no damage in the lungs. To change suddenly to be always at sea, should now be on the ground, is that it is very difficult to get used of – especially on some of the limitations that I have left after an operation on my spine. Thus, in addition to spending more time with his grandchildren (2,4,6 and 8 years old), I devoted myself to something that has always wanted to do: teach English.

Some day in November 2004, wrapped up in my usual cloud of smoke from a cigarette, I was swimming (now the Internet) in search of another English course online and not knowing how I came to About.com and I signed up in the course English language – Professor Kenneth Beer. I also noticed that there were other courses, such as computers, health, and few of them and within them, which attracted my attention: no smoking.

I lit another cigarette and began to read, especially the fact that some former smokers say that they have won such a terrible habit. A few cigarettes later, after reading about the methods used to quit smoking, I was wondering myself: would not it be too late?

I smoked for 46 of my 64 years, and I know that I should quit. Also, my doctor has already warned me that sinusitis, bronchitis, and my frequent colds is largely inspired by a cigarette. On the other hand, I must agree that I have not considered capable of quitting. Weak voice inside me said to me: A cigarette will do you any good? Some of satisfaction? The fact that you could be proud of? Unfortunately I had to answer no to all questions.

It seems that the “long relationship” broke after all these years, since I subscribe to the course to quit smoking 101 E-course, the exit time and prepare for the exit. Someone or a part of me was not very happy with my decision. The next day I received the first lesson and read it, then the second, and as I read. (And I got an English language course). But my will was not as strong as I thought as I left the other lessons in my mailbox without reading them.

Meanwhile, I continued to smoke (improved my average 40 per day), and others wrote on the forum About.com: My first month without smoking, my 7th month away, my 2nd year and so on (! .)

What about me? Very well, thank you.

In early February 2005, I read the entire course, and all reports of ex-smokers – I think that is what has helped me more than to quit smoking – so I chose the method that you call in English a cold turkey. I put myself on a date, and 27 February at 24:00 hours I put out my last cigarette. I remember smoking in this day at least twice normal. As a farewell, I hope so.

February 28th, I stood up and said to myself very seriously, “I do not smoke.” Then, as usual, I went to the kitchen to make coffee. Coffee … Oh, my God! Can I keep my first coffee without a cigarette after 46 years ? Although so far it seems to me impossible, yes, I can do it. Everything I read about a strategy to face the craving for smoking, like drinking lots of water, always bearing some fruit in your hands, breathe deeply, etc. They were very helpful to me, especially during the first month of quitting.

As it was, how to fight against the hordes of demons that attacked continuously, as a result of these battles, my bad moods increased. I slept little and badly, and I felt very nervous and very irritable.

Thanks to my family for their support. This support is another important factor in the struggle to quit smoking. On the 6th of the month, as the “enemy” began to take off, everything returns to normal, even 4 kg, which I put on weight.

Today cravings have almost disappeared, whenever there are less and less. I still keep getting the newsletter from smoking, and read all the posts on the road “quitters.”

Ten months later, still seems to me to dream of having achieved this feat. I want to be grateful to all those that shared their experiences, help others like me. Likewise, in about.com, to Professor C. Beer, and especially to you, Mrs. Martin. My deepest gratitude.

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