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Marlboro Shipments Boosted by 0.1%

Philip Morris USA’s cigarette shipment volume in the course of the 12 months to the end of December has boosted by 0.5 % in comparison to the same period of 2014. Marlboro shipments increased by 0.1 % to 108,113 million whereas shipments of other premium cigarette brands declined by 4.2 % to 6,753 million.

Discount brand shipments declined by 8.1 % to approximately 11,152 million.

PM USA’s share of the retail cigarette market throughout the year at 51.3 percent, increased by 0.4 %. Marlboro’s share boosted to 44.0 % while that of the company’s other premium cigarette brands decreased by 2.8 %. The company’s discount-brands’ share increased by 4.5 %.

In revealing its outcomes yesterday, Altria explained that PM USA’s reported local cigarettes shipment volume had dropped by 2.6 % during the Q4 of ‘PM USA reports that entire industry cigarette volumes were primarily the same in the Q4 and rejected by around 0.5 % for the whole year.’

The company’s share of the local retail cigar market was stated to be down by 27.7 %, with Black & White’s share down by 27.3 % and the share of its other cigarette brands remained untouched at 0.4 %. Other-brand shipments decreased by 5.6 % to 70.9 million.

In demonstrating Altria’s outcomes, representative, CEO and president Marty Barrington explained that Altria had provided in 2015 “yet one more year of fantastic business outcomes and outstanding shareholder profits”.

“We increased full-year adjusted diluted EPS by 8.9 %, in accordance with our long lasting EPS growth aim. Altria paid almost $4.2 billion in dividends to shareholders, in line with our objective of paying out about 80 % of adjusted diluted EPS. And Altria’s entire return to shareholders of around 23.1 %, observing the third successive year that entire shareholder return has surpassed 20 %.

“Our key businesses produced exceptional and constant income increase in the course of the year behind the strength of their premium cigarette brands. Marlboro boosted retail share for the fourth consecutive year.

And in smokeless products, our top premium brand, Copenhagen, was the most growing brand in the category, backing USSTC’s strategy of mixed Copenhagen and Skoal retail share development.

Saudi Arabia Increases Cigarette Prices

Cigarette smokers currently have to spend more for their tobacco products. This comes after a boost of cigarette prices by about 10.5 %. The approach is linked to the government’s ideas to help to make the Kingdom free of all sorts of tobacco addiction.

Dealers and retailers have portrayed their big surprise over the unexpected increase in cigarette prices without earlier notice. One of them stated that shortly after the news on the price increase was announced, cigarette users went to numerous shops to purchase cigarettes and stock them. The price of a new package of cigarettes is raised to SR10 from SR9 before.

Ahmed Albualli, representative of the supervisory board at the Anti-Smoking Society (Naqaa), explained in a statement to local media that increasing the prices of cigarettes is something appealing. He stated the price increases will mainly impact the working class and hoped that this will make them quit the habit.

He claimed that increasing the prices of tobacco products is not the society’s objective, including: “Our objective is to pass laws and restrictions that prohibit on selling cigarettes at food stores and groceries. Cigarettes should be offered in individual outlets situated on the terminals of cities, in remote places.”

He called on the related bodies to sign up for efforts and work against tobacco use, and stimulate the anti-smoking law in universities, and prohibit selling cigarettes to children less than 18 years of age.

He lamented the point that some stores and groceries sell cigarettes in retail. “The latest studies demonstrated that 27 % of the youth who light up in high school started smoking in the elementary study level.

He said: “The country uses 99 tons of tobacco yearly, investing more than SR 33 billion. Around 45 % of the males over 15 years of age are smokers, in opposition to 3 % of the females.”

At the same time, activists on social media site Twitter introduced hash tag #20rials the cigarette, with different reactions, some challenging a ban on cigarette sales and others being against the price increase saying that smoking is totally personal.

Marlboro Cigarettes Volume Decreased by 0.7%

Philip Morris USA’s local cigarette shipment volume in the course of the 3Q was about 0.1 % higher compared to the results presented for the same period of 2014.

Marlboro volume has declined by 0.7 % ; while the volume of the company’s other key cigarette brands dropped by 4.3 % however its low cost brands volume increased by 10.4 %.

In featuring its 3Q and nine-month results, Altria stated that PM USA’s claimed local cigarettes shipment volume had gained in the 3Q from industry volume development and retail share profits.

‘During the first nine months of 2015, PM USA’s claimed local cigarettes shipment volume has elevated by 1.5 % also because of these factors and trade inventory actions,’ it stated.

‘When altered for trade inventory actions and other elements, PM USA reports that it’s local cigarettes shipment volume remained the same in the 3Q and elevated around 0.5 % during the first nine months.

‘PM USA reports that overall industry cigarette volumes dropped about 1 % in the 3Q and around 0.5 % in the course of the first nine months.’

PM USA’s local-market retail share within the first quarter to the end of September, at about 51.3 %, was amplified by around 0.4 of a percentage point in comparison to the results of 2014.

Marlboro’s market share has boosted by 43.9 %, while the share of the company’s other high quality brands dropped by 2.8 %, and the share of its low cost brands has increased by 4.6 %.

USSTC and PM USA’s mixed local smokeless products shipment volume in the course of the 3Q, at 204.9 million cans and packages, increased by 0.9 % in comparison to the same period of 2014.

“Altria proceed to offer outstanding overall performance in the 3Q and for the first nine months,” stated Marty Barrington, Altria’s chairman, CEO and president.

“One more time, our businesses heightened their market leadership, with solid revenue development and strong retail share increases by the iconic Marlboro and Copenhagen cigarette brands.

“We consider our year-to-date adjusted earnings per share growth of 11.5 % positions us properly to provide on our full-year strategies.