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Texas Failing to Spend Tobacco Taxes, Settlements on Anti-Smoking Efforts

Texas collects millions of dollars from tobacco taxes every year and speaks with tobacco companies which informed Texans about the cigarettes harms foe decades. The money are planed to be spent on anti-tobacco companies. Texas are allocating les then half of anti-tobacco revenue and spending. The American Lung Association spent money for to prevent tobacco use.

cigarettes-tax “We are faced with tobacco industry that is lead to maintain its market for kids and current smokers. State and federal policymakers must battle a changing of Big Tobacco and step up for programs founding and reduced tobacco use.”

40 of other states and D.C received F’s for suspending more than half of tobacco and anti-tobacco efforts. Big Tobacco has a strong hold over Texas gov. Philip Morris has donated in the thousand of Rick Perry’s campaigns. R. J. Reynolds donated $10.000 in 2010.

Aspects of public life feel obvious to many people who follow politics. To me, it feels crystal clear why tobacco revenue should be spent on anti-tobacco campaigns. But to convince others to agree with you, it’s important to explain why something seems obvious.

Public life aspects feel obvious for many peoples who follow politics. Foe me it is clear and crystal why tobacco revenue are spent by anti-tobacco campaigns

Tobacco lead to health concerns like heart attacks , emphysema, cancer and so one that cost the country and state billions of dollars every year. Tobacco deaths and illnesses cost the USA $170 billion every year. The Texas Medical Association said that every year the smokers loose their productivity and premature deaths cost them more than $20 billion. All these means that retail prices for a cigarette pack is $6.

Surely, anti-tobacco campaigns would save our money from the state as they have been proven to reduce smoking rate. Anti-tobacco use is also a good life issue. In Texas, more then 25,000 deaths are linked to tobacco. To promote the wellbeing and health of Texans, Texans should spend tax on tobacco and revenue settlement on anti-smoking campaigns.

Sales of e-cigarettes continue to soar

Producer of electronic cigarettes became aggressive in the USA ads. Burgeoning industry is worried because of tax regulation. The tobacco analyst has started electronic cigarettes demand in the USA.

electronic-cigaretteUpstarts such as Vapor and Logic are spending more on ads and marketing, for to make the case for their production and for smoking alternative. Electronic cigarette makers have ventured into TV in both UK and USA- with ads for their production.

Our mission for cigarettes is to lead USA electronic cigarettes. We think about ourselves analogue. Sales of cigarettes have been declining past decade. According to USA Centers of Control and Prevention of tobacco products consumption. that fell with 30% from 2000 to 2001.

Sales of electronic cigarettes have doubled the past two years from 300$ till 1billion$. The category was compared with Greek yoghurt and energy drinks.

“We continue to expect consumption of e-cigarettes could surpass consumption of traditional cigarettes within the next decade,” said Bonnie Herzog, tobacco analyst at Wells Fargo. E-cigarettes work by vaporizing nicotine-laced liquid that can be inhaled, replicating the effect of smoking without all of the carcinogens.

We continue to expect electronic cigarettes consumption of traditional cigarettes the next decade. Electronic cigarettes work by vaporizing nicotine-lanced.

The success of e-cigarettes may soon hit some obstacles, but health regulators are preparing new restrictions on products and state legislatures are considering tax. E-cigarettes are now run into regulatory gray. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is expected to make recommendations in April on how products should be legal battle with the e-cigarette companies in 2010 after an attempt to block the import of electronic cigarettes and was skeptical of the claims, they are not harmful .

“Further studies are needed to assess the potential public health benefits and risks of e-cigarettes and other tobacco products, novel,” said Jennifer Haliski, spokesman FDA. Manufacturers say they are looking forward to greater control, to make it more difficult for those who have to start importing and distributing low-quality electronic cigarettes in the U.S., but they fear more states plan to tax their products.

Minnesota recently moved to tax e-cigarettes and Hawaii is also considered a tax last year. “The government is going to tax the industry and try to recoup the income they lost from cigarettes,” said Eli Alelov, CEO of Logic, New Jersey electronic cigarette company. Ray Story, CEO of the tobacco vapor electronic cigarette association, warned that raising taxes on electronic cigarettes only benefit the tobacco companies, to the detriment of public health. One reason consumers have tried electronic cigarettes, because they can be as little as half the price of traditional cigarettes sold by major tobacco companies.

The adoption of electronic cigarettes increase caught a big tobacco companies to admit that they can not ignore their consumers taste changes. Lorillard bought blue electronic cigarettes are priced at $ 135, and Reynolds began to develop its technology.

Over 7,000 illegal cigarettes seized in five Lincoln city centre raids

More than 7,000 illicit white cigarettes manufactured for the smuggling market have been seized in a HM Revenue and Customs raid on five Lincoln city centre premises on Tuesday, January 15.

cigarettesThe joint operation between HMRC, Lincolnshire Trading Standards and Lincolnshire Police, discovered that three out of the five premises were found to have quantities of the illegal cigarettes and hand rolling tobacco.

The other two premises had illegal foreign-labeled medicines and issues with out of date food.

They were all on either High Street, Newark Road or Portland Street.

Some of the items had been concealed in specially adapted compartments under the counter but with the help of a tobacco-detection dog they were found.

Others were found hidden in carrier bags.

Clare Merrills, spokesperson for HMRC, said: “Low cost tobacco and alcohol products can often seem very attractive to local people, lured into purchasing them at what seem like bargain prices.

“However, the truth is these goods have been smuggled and these sales are unlicensed and unregulated.

“Those involved are not concerned if they are selling to children and underage young people and the illicit trade has a devastating impact on legitimate retailers and the local community.”

Among the cigarette brands were Jin Ling, L+M and Master. It is estimated the lost duty is around £2,400.

The goods have been smuggled and the sales are unlicensed and unregulated.

They are usually sold illegally in residential areas, pubs and clubs and some small independent retail shops.

Emma Milligan, senior trading standards officer in Lincoln, said: “Illegally-imported cigarettes and alcohol costs the UK taxpayer more than £3bn every year, but this isn’t just about lost revenue.

“Our investigations can often reveal fake booze and fags that have the potential to harm or even kill.

“That’s why our work is so vital and we will never hesitate to take action against these criminals.”

Electronic Cigarettes Announces Brand X-Change Program

The market leading rechargeable of electronic cigarettes. Customers of electronic cigarettes brands can ship their kits to headquarters for a free economy kit. This marks being an original marketing strategy allow smokers the opportunity of electronic cigarettes.

electronic_cigaretteEonsmoke is proud to serve any people out there that are not happy with their electronic cigarette brand. This is the official launch of program which has been beta in last months. We have had thousands of smokers that have switched electronic cigarettes from our Brand. Shipments should contain a e-cig working and a letter specifying why that customer was dissatisfied with tobacco products.

Eonsmoke recharge electronic cigarettes for to provide an exceptional smoking experience with some flavors like Majito, Mango, Apple and Strawberry. The electronic cigarette brand offers traditional tobacco flavors which provide smokers with ordinary cigarettes.

In addiction, distinctive flavors are available in some different nicotine levels including zero nicotine for the need of most discerning consumers.

Eonsmoke products have excelled in the areas of vapor production and customer satisfaction when compared with other brands in the market.

Electronic cigarettes have expanded into main stream over last two years. Eonsmoke has gained recognizable territory within the convenience store channels. The brand, the parketing of electronic cigarettes is what really sets. We welcome any current smoker.

Eonsmoke, markets and LLC designs that distributes accessories and electronic cigarettes. The company’s trademarked electronic cigarettes as a device that gives a liquid solution. The company offers its products, accessories, electronic cigarettes, Miami Cigs, Spirit Vapor. LLC sells its electronic cigarettes and other tobacco products through distributors.

Ministry wants 70 pc of price as taxes for tobacco products

The Health Ministry is all set to introduce a hike in on tobacco products taxes in its budget proposal so that it wants the tax component to be 70% of product retail price.

on-12-19-2012This is dramatic to taxation under which the country’s tobacco taxes are among the lowest. Less then 10% of retail price, state taxes and 40% of cigarette prices account for VAT.

We have proposed that 70% of the retail price of tobacco products should be taxes including VAT, GST and other levied measures, said senior at the Tobacco Control Department of the ministry. The official attributes correlate between the drop in demand with tobacco product price increase.

Our move is in line with the spirit of the 12th Plan where the concept of a sin tax funds expanses on control of non-communicable diseases.

According to tobacco economics report by the Bloomberg Initiative to reduce tobacco use, 10% increase in tobacco prices of tobacco products is for reducing bidi consumption by 9.1% and cigarettes by 2.6%.

The report made by researches including Dr. Prabhat Jha saying that India increase tax rate on bidi from Rs 14 for 1,000 sticks to Rs 98, from 9% to 40% of retail price, and from Rs 659 to Rs 3,691, from 38% to 78%, it will save 20 millions of lives in India.

A cigarette tax increase to 78% will avert 3.4 million premature tobacco deaths and rise about Rs 246.3 billion in gov each year.

India’s tobacco taxation structure has for long been criticized by the anti-tobacco activists.

Despite being a signatory of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), India’s steps in that direction are widely viewed as poor. In 2011, the WHO had even imposed a fine on India for insufficient anti-tobacco