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Cigarette sales in Spain drop by 30%

SALES of cigarettes fell by 30 per cent in the first three months of 2011 after Spain’s amended anti-smoking laws came into force oncigarettes brands January 2. This figure was quoted during the Tobacco Industry Fair, held last weekend in Cornella de Llobegrat (Barcelona) where those attending were looking for innovations and strategies to buy up the sector.

There was a growing market for additive-free free tobacco, said executives, who claimed that this was a strong indication that smokers were more interested in finding a healthier product than giving up smoking altogether.

It was necessary to switch from intensive tobacco growing to organic cultivation by eliminating harmful substances from plants while protecting the environment, declared the Raul del Pino, spokesman for the Fair’s organisers.

The tobacco industry also predicted that sales of cigars and pipe tobacco would at least remain stable and were likely to increase in future.

Both were already appreciated as luxury, handmade products that most people associated with celebrations, Del Pino pointed out.

To comply with Spain’s now-stringent anti-smoking laws, a marquee was installed outside the hall where the Fair was held, so that attendees could sample new products and also attend a short course demonstrating the correct way to smoke both cigars and pipes.

With 27 per cent of Spaniards over the age of 16 admitting that they were smokers, the tobacco industry generates €8 billion each year.

There are 16,000 ‘estancos’ or shops licensed to sell tobacco, and Spain is the European Union’s third-largest grower of tobacco, with a sector providing direct employment to 48,000 people.

British American Tobacco Creates Nicoventures Ltd.

Tobacco giant British American Tobacco PLC is creating a start-up company to develop nicotine-based products aimed at smokers British American Tobaccoseeking a safer alternative to cigarettes.

The unit, called Nicoventures Ltd., intends to bring to market “innovative, regulatory-approved” products, according to a website for the start-up. The site says the products Nicoventures is looking at aren’t currently available on the market.

The U.K. cigarette maker’s move is the latest by a large tobacco company seeking to offer smokers a less-harmful alternative to their daily habit. Reynolds American Inc., the second-largest U.S. tobacco company, acquired Niconovum AB, a Swedish maker of quit-smoking aids such as nicotine sprays, in 2009. Altria Group Inc. said in February that two of its subsidiaries will begin test-marketing spit-free, tobacco-coated sticks that resemble toothpicks.

Tobacco companies are increasingly offering alternatives to cigarettes—including many smokeless-tobacco products, such as Swedish-style snus—amid declining cigarette sales volumes in some markets and continued scrutiny of cigarettes by regulators.

A spokeswoman for British American Tobacco said in a statement that Nicoventures “will be managed separately from the group’s tobacco businesses.” She said the products from Nicoventures wouldn’t be tobacco-based, but use “pure nicotine.” She declined to elaborate on the types of products it is considering.

The Nicoventures website says, “The UK Government’s recently updated public health strategy for England recognizes there are many smokers who may not want to quit smoking but who want a safer alternative to cigarettes.” The company added, “We believe that the products currently on the market today are not meeting the needs of these smokers.”


Prince Harry smoke Marlboro Golds

Given that Prince Harry is on a charity walk in the North Pole it’s a laudable quality that he just won’t quit, but it appears that appliesPrince Harry to his smoking habit too.

Despite several attempts to quit he has once again been photographed puffing away on a cigarette.

Prince Harry was snapped taking a drag on some Marlboro Golds ahead of his the Walking with the Wounded challenge in the North Pole.

He is even believed to have taken cigarettes with him to the Arctic.

The third in line to the throne reportedly started smoking when he was at 14 while he was at Eton.

In 2003, when he left school, he was seen smoking contentedly in public for the first time while at a polo match at Cirencester.

His habit has been met with disapproval and last year while on holiday with his on/off girlfriend Chelsy Davy and her parents Charles and Beverley, they were both ticked off for their bad habit. Charles Davy apparently calls them ‘cancer sticks’.

In January 2007 he vowed to quit ahead of a sweeping army ban, but then in 2008 when he got back from Afghanistan he claimed to have quit, but he was seen smoking outside an airport terminal.

A source told the Sun newspaper: ‘Harry doesn’t seem able to give up once and for all. One reason he smokes is boredom.

‘He’s been learning to fly helicopters – which is great when you’re flying but there’s a lot of sitting around.’

In 2005 he wore patches to try and give up while going through tough officer training at the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst.

If Harry is committed to one day quitting the habit, he could look to his stepmother Camilla Parker Bowles, who kicked her 40-a-day habit 10 years ago.
By Richard Hartley-parkinson