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Which are the best cigarettes?

Without doubt cigarettes are here to stay, and I pride myself in giving you Cigarette Reviews on the best cigarettes brands on the market today for you and to help you find the best cigarette for you. This blog is by cigarettes smokers, for cigarettes smokers.

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What do the numbers mean on cigarettes?
Is the tar & nicotine yield number, Using it as a reference point, describe like lights, ultra-lights, medium and mild.
What is the difference between menthol and non-menthol cigarettes?
The difference is menthol cigarettes have a major non-tobacco additive that make them minty tasting. Menthol stimulates receptors in the throat that create a cool sensation. As a result, persons may not find cigarette smoke as irritating and thus inhale larger amounts with each puff. Menthol cigarettes contain little pieces of fiber glass. Menthol may lead to faster absorption of cigarette smoke and increased exposure to the many components of cigarette smoke.
Does filter/non-filter make a difference?
The purpose of the cigarette filter is to reduce the amounts of nicotine and tar consumed. As a smoker inhales, smoke from the lit end flows up through the cigarette and into the mouth and lungs. The filter is designed to contain tiny perforations that allow air to flow into the filter and smoke to flow out. The idea is that air will flow into the filter, driving out a portion of the smoke and reducing the amount of actual smoke inhaled. The less smoke the smoker inhales, the less tar and nicotine enter his system. The only difference between filtered and unfiltered cigarettes is that unfiltered cigarettes allow slightly higher levels of smoke into the smoker’s system.
What is the Difference between a Cigar and a Cigarette?
Officially, a cigar is defined as a tobacco product that is wrapped in a leaf tobacco or other product containing tobacco. A cigarette is a product that that is wrapped in paper, or at least a material that does not contain any tobacco in the wrapping. While this may seem like a small difference, it does indicate that size is not nearly as important as substance when it comes to the difference between a cigar and a cigarette. While the wrapping may not make a great difference in the amount of tobacco in a cigar, most cigars do have a substantial amount of tobacco. In fact, that is another difference between a cigar and a cigarette. Many cigars have as much tobacco, or nearly as much, as an entire pack of cigarettes. Thus, the addictive properties and negative health effects are amplified with cigars in most cases.
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